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BentoBot powers up your performance with bite-sized, multimodal learning, leveraging AI to specifically target individual knowledge gaps and personalise the learning journey.

Combined with top spec gamification that maximises reward psychology and effortlessly engages your learners.

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Powering up learning in

  • Unily
  • University of Leeds
  • Josies
  • Atrium
  • McDonald's
  • Sides
  • RED Construction Group Ltd
  • KP Snacks
  • Westcoast

Making learning stick at scale.

Today’s professional landscape is evolving fast and as we enter the age of hybrid working, how we engage and develop our people needs to adapt at pace. We’ve utilised learning psychology, our unique proven algorithm, and the very best engaging AI and gamification features, to bring you a next generation learning platform. Seamlessly integrating learning into life and your existing systems.

Daily activities

BentoBot works by breaking learning into a variety of multimodal, small daily activities, reinforced by spaced repetition, which has been proven to increase knowledge retention in as little as five minutes a day.


To increase engagement and utilisation, we’ve included all the features you’d expect from a modern learning platform, and more! Our unique Learners Passport keeps track of your achievements, course commitments and progress.


A complete learning suite: mixed media in bite-sized chunks pieced together to form integrated learning pathways that are easily curatable and customisable. You can bring your own content, or use and remix our pre-created catalogue, it’s completely up to you.

Complete reporting

Keep track of your learners effortlessly - identify gaps in Knowledge and rapidly design and deploy curriculum to fill those gaps.

The benefits.

BentoBot is good for everyone - the learner, L&D teams and the organisation.

  • The Learner
    • Accessible anytime, anywhere
    • Bite-sized and personalised
    • All in one place, simple and fun!
  • L&D Teams
    • Integrated learning components
    • Easily curatable, relevant content
    • Insights and diagnostics for ROI
  • Organisation
    • Happy, high performing employees
    • Retain the best talent
    • Impactful for dispersed talent

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