Stacks of futuristic features.

BentoBot is pushing the boundaries of innovation with a whole host of top-notch learning tech.

  • Mobile first

    Take your learning with you, anytime, anywhere.

  • Bite-sized

    Make learning part of daily life, with bite-sized chunks and minimal time commitment.

  • Multimodal

    Mix up integrated learning components like knowledge cards, videos, sorting, scenario branching, AR and more

  • Personalised learning

    Target individual knowledge gaps with laser precision, AI personalises the learning, so no time is wasted.

  • Spaced Repetition

    Embed your learning with a scientifically proven learning psychology, that makes knowledge really stick.

  • Gamification

    Hype up motivation, increase attention span, build team connection and inject some fun into learning!

  • Our content

    Roll out any of our ever-growing content library to your workforce.

  • Your content

    Build your own content with our zero-code authoring tool.

  • Curatable content

    Mash up and remix our content with ease, you can create and curate to customise the learning to you.

  • Reporting

    Access our exclusive reporting suite, providing insights and training needs analysis.

  • Integration

    Track learning back with seamless integration of BentoBot into your existing learning eco-system.

  • Secure

    Sign in with Magic links that mean no need to hold personal data.

Multimodal to engage multiple learning preferences.

Research has proven that when we engage a number of our senses, we understand and remember more. Multimodal learning combines visual, auditory, reading and writing and kinaesthetic (VARK) learning modes to appeal to diverse learning preferences and create an exciting and engaging learner experience.

  • Flip Card
  • Order
  • Sort
  • Dialogue Tree
  • Self Assessment
  • 3D Explore
  • 360
  • Explainer