26 Mar 2024

Measuring and analysing learning performance with tech

by Dinesh Kumar, Co-founder

Technology is increasingly transforming the practice of L&D, playing an ever-important and larger role in all aspects of the discipline, especially employee training.

BentoBot works alongside high street brand clients to support L&D teams; helping to advance their practice with the implementation of our sophisticated, yet incredibly intuitive learning platform. 


One of the key gains for clients that we observe when doing so is the ability to measure learner performance and progress. What was once difficult to see becomes very visible and trackable — providing valuable insights, and a good indication of ROI too.  

Why do we need to measure training? 


As with the increasing importance placed on digital transformation initiatives there comes a need for L&D teams to be able to demonstrate how effective each training programme is, as well as how each component contributes to bigger corporate objectives.


By tracking and measuring the success of training programmes, practitioners can start to identify the link between learning and outcomes — essentially what has the training resulted in? 


Frequent tracking and measurement gives practitioners a better understanding of what is working and what is not; e.g., which content is having the greatest effect? What are individuals engaging with? Is the training suitably challenging, and is it matching the expectations of the learner?


By using technology to capture numerous data points, collating these and providing meaningful reporting in a way that is easily consumable, practitioners can understand the challenges their employees and teams are facing, where the skills and knowledge gaps lie, and how these can be addressed. 


With suitable analytics informed decisions can be made, helping practitioners adjust training programmes as needed, for example, adding new content, switching out irrelevant content, altering delivery formats, learning end user knowledge gaps and ultimately improving the learner experience. This has many benefits, not least, aiding with targeted individual learning and the effective up-skilling of teams.


Training plays such a critical role in many organisations and often carries a significant investment. This includes the time L&D practitioners can spend developing training programmes — often without a modern technical means of tracking, monitoring and reporting ROI.


Measurement is made so much easier when the right learning technology software is applied in an organisation. Training effectiveness can be measured with ease, aligned to business goals, and continually improved through the use of data insights, which has obvious benefits on company resource and team performance.

As experts in the development of such technologies, we took considerable time to ensure when we designed the BentoBot platform it would help L&D practitioners make light work of measurement. Equipped with intuitive analytics and reporting, it offers all the tools an L&D practitioner will need — without being overwhelming, overly technical or requiring considerable date entry to produce.   


If you are an L&D practitioner or think your company could benefit from using BentoBot, you can request a demo to discover more. Simply contact our team [email protected]